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Face Recognition

Face recognition time attendance terminal supports multiple identification methods.

GPS Tracking System

GPS Tracker allows you to know the location of your's ... kids, elder, cars...

EMS System

Need solutions to track and analyze energy usage and generation in real-time...

EV Charger Control

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Facial recognition access control system features excellent light adaptability. It can intelligently adapt to different working conditions without being disturbed by factors, like glasses, hair style, age or other small changes of face. Besides, it also has high recognition accuracy and speed with the recognition rate ≥ 99.9, false acceptance rate (FAR) ≤ 0.01 and recognition speed ≤ 1s. And, FLM function is capable of making recognition speed much faster and accuracy higher.

  • Door Access Control Management
  • Employee Attendance Management
  • POS Identification Management
  • Visitor Management
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Intelligent micro-processor controls bring all systems and equipments on the same platform where it can centralize the monitoring and even control of on the operating processes by remote operation on the company network. It can automate and control those operations in the most energy efficient ways by precise sensing and logical control algorithms set out by management.
With built in sensing module at each operation nodes, human errors can be minimized and hence speed up the time for decision making.

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