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Experience and Expertise of Kare

Kare Consulting Company has committed to providing IT services to local business enterprises with INNOVATION, QUALITY, CUSTOMER FOCUS and COMMUNITY CARE in mind and empowers our clients through the cutting-edge technology to maximize their business advantage. We offer a wide range of services including Energy audit monitoring platform and Face Recognition Detection System. Our young and energetic team gets well-prepared to providing you IT service in the best quality.

Fully Responsive

Aimed at crafting sites to provide an optional viewing exprience that easy reading and navigation with a wide range of devices from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors...


Latest standard development skill to deliver rich content everything from animation to graphic, music to moives. Build a cross-platform responsive website quickly and interactively...

CMS Ready

Our Content Management System focused on owner needs. With Kare's CMS, you can publishing, editing and modifying content of a web site without technical skill...

Green Cloud Solution

Providing high quality hosting services at reasonable price including everything you need...

Green IT Solution

High efficiency monitoring system providing online energy performance chart and report ...

Mobile Apps Development

Creative mobile apps development to make your application become more productive and profitable...

Welcome To Kare

We accumlated in-depth understanding of respective clients' unique expectations and requirements, a wide range of service options is now avaliable to satisfy the needs of each customer.

  • Comprehensive and satisfactory IT solution
  • Corporate and Creative
  • Responsive Bootstrap Template
  • Corporate and Creative
  • Best fit your business need
  • Lower your total cost of ownership

Our experience in serving business enterprises enable us to offering comprehensive and satisfactory IT solution and services that best fit for your business need and lower your total cost of ownership(TCO).

Kare Consulting Company

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